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Some of our parents share their experiences with Creative Minds and how the learning, nurturing environment impacts the growth of their children.

"We have been very happy with Creative Minds. They are more than just a daycare. They actually teach, my kids have a routine (which they look forward to), and they come home clean! My kids have a small vocabulary but I hear them babbling the ABC song constantly. This happened only a week after them starting. The staff cares for my kids as if they were their own.- Melissa

"Bradley loves his new school! As a preschooler he is getting the education he needs to be ready for kindergarten while also getting the care he deserves from people who are looking out for his best interests! He has specific dietary needs and Creative Minds staff was more than willing to accommodate him." - Annie

"Creative Minds has catered to our son's educational needs. Everyday he learns something new and is advancing rapidly in his skills after only being at Creative Minds for a few weeks. He loves going there and can't wait to go back the next day!- Michael

"My kids have been so happy being at Creative Minds! They are continuing to learn new things everyday and they have that homey feel! The teachers are all very caring and you can tell they genuinely love their job and love the kids!- Iris

"It took me awhile to find a place I was happy with for my 9 year old and my infant. It is more than a daycare. It has the home atmosphere my 9 year old grew up in and was so accustomed too. They care for my boys and show them such love and attention. They are very helpful in getting my infant on a routine, feeding and sleeping. They take him outside, which he loves, give him tummy time, play with him, do art with him and snuggle with him! They have more of a variety of good, healthy food for my school aged son, which was a big hit in my book! They help with homework, do artwork, and learn. My infant is happy, pleasant and clean when he is picked up. We all love it! If you are looking for a place with great care, a great learning plan, some fun and major love, this is the place!- Denise

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